Colleen Pacca

Chief Financial Officer / Controller

Colleen Pacca is the Chief Financial Officer / Controller for the Fulcrum Group of Companies and has primary responsibility for managing and supervising the finance and accounting activities. With over fifteen years in the field of real estate accounting and finance, Colleen has extensive experience in all areas of finance and accounting for commercial retail, office and mixed-use projects. Since joining Fulcrum Management Group, she has been involved in more than $250 Million in property sales and acquisitions. 
Colleen began her career with Fulcrum as an accounting clerk and soon took over the role of Accounting Manager. Later she was promoted to Controller and then to CFO. Colleen took the company from a manual accounting system to a networked system that incorporates an extensive database and financial reporting features. Today she is responsible for the overall financial reporting and management of over $600 Million in Assets for more than 35 companies.     
Ms. Pacca graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Economics.