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The Barn was designed to bring people together at the riverfront for the enjoyment of culinary, marketplace, entertainment and health/fitness-related experiences. The Barn is the product of a public/private partnership designed to both activate the City of West Sacramento’s investment in the River Walk Promenade and make visible the new residential, office and retail opportunities in the Bridge District to position the district as a growth area relevant to, and participating in, the downtown core. The BARN was creatively financed through cooperative investment from both entities.

The Barn, literally a bridge on land, provides 6,000sf under canopy shade anchored by approximately 3,000sf of interior usable space. A beer garden restaurant operator tenant will be opening a business in early 2017 on the premises, but the current C of O provides for use of the site beginning in the Summer of 2016. The 2016 season’s programming includes a weekly Friday night food truck event, markets, speaker series, and other activations that will satisfy the goal of the Barn to bring people together under the shade of its generous canopy, reminding us of our agricultural heritage, yet bringing it forward into the 21st century.


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