Stephen Jaycox

Chief Design & Marketing Officer

Stephen Jaycox is the Chief Design & Marketing Officer at Fulcrum Property. He is responsible for reconciling the design of new development projects with larger cultural trends, keeping Fulcrum's projects relevant to today and lasting in value. Since joining Fulcrum in 2010, Stephen has played a principal role in the development of The Bridge District, a 60-acre urban infill project in West Sacramento designed to combine healthy outdoor living with a connected, walkable neighborhood. To this end, Stephen has led the development of the BARN, a river-facing architectural landmark designed to bring people together around culinary and cultural experiences that connect our region's agricultural heritage to our 21st century identity.
Trained as an architect, and awarded the Thesis Prize for his master's degree project in Arizona, Mr. Jaycox spent his early years working as a designer working in the museum, cultural heritage and technology sectors.  With two partners, he launched the globally recognized interdisciplinary design studio Perimetre-Flux in San Francisco during the 1990s.  As Executive Creative Director, Mr. Jaycox led work on more than 200 projects for clients in North America, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, and Finland.  Perimetre-Flux's work received significant awards from The Art Director’s Club (New York), and I.D. Magazine; and was widely covered by the press, including Time, Newsweek, CNN, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, International Herald-Tribune, Le Monde and Le Figaro
Mr. Jaycox's interest in the cultural dimension of cities has led him to the development of a scholarly project on the subject of 20th century revisions to the urban fabric of Rome–a project he will further develop as a publishable work while a visiting artist/scholar at the American Academy in Rome beginning in late 2016.