Developer / Owner

Fulcrum's interest in residential development began in 2003, when Fulcrum and a group of local developers created LoftWorks, a partnership devoted to remaking Sacramento’s urban core into an exciting place to live and work. LoftWorks has since built a reputation as a trendsetter in urban mixed-use development, crafting compelling projects such as The Elliott Building and O1 Lofts, which helped launch an urban renaissance in Midtown.

More recently, Fulcrum's attention has turned to The Bridge District, an urban infill development site in West Sacramento.  There, Fulcrum is leveraging its cumulative expertise in residential, retail and commercial development to build a completely new neighborhood from scratch that delivers a range of residential for sale and rental products that strike the best balance between urban density and a meaninful relationship to the outdoors.  The first phases of this effort which include The Park Moderns and the Habitat apartments is now underway (1Q 2014).

Sutter Brownstones
26th and N Street, Midtown 
The Elliott Building
16th & J Street, Midtown 
O1 Lofts
15th & J Street, Midtown 
Folsom & 65th, Sacramento 
1600 H Street
16th and H Street, Midtown