Developer / Owner / Manager

In 2003, Fulcrum and a group of local developers created LoftWorks, a partnership devoted to remaking Sacramento’s urban core into an exciting place to live and work. LoftWorks has since built a reputation as a trendsetter in urban mixed-use development, crafting compelling projects such as The Elliott Building and O1 Lofts, which helped launch an urban renaissance in Midtown. LoftWorks is driven by the partners’ passion for their community and a commitment to accelerate its evolution into a dynamic, livable district graced with vibrant architecture.
The Elliott Building
16th & J Street, Midtown 
O1 Lofts
15th & J Street, Midtown 
Folsom & 65th, Sacramento 
1600 H Street
16th and H Street, Midtown 
Ice Blocks
16th & R Street, Midtown